Real Active Twitter Retweets - Auto (For 10 Future Posts)
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Real Active Twitter Retweets - Auto (For 10 Future Posts)

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This Package is designed for VIRAL marketing through #hashtag feeds.
There is a high chance your post will get more engagement than your selected target count, especially if it's a very recent post. For best results, use Hashtags in your post that pertain to your audience.

Auto Campaign Management:

Save time by automating future post marketing.
Post whenever, where ever and get real engagement.

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Please make sure you enter the correct username because the campaign automatically generates and starts immediately after purchase to provide Lightning Fast Delivery. Thank you.


Real Active Twitter Post Retweets - Auto (For Future Posts)
  • With this feature you no longer need to make manual purchases for every future Twitter Status Post. Our systems will automatically generate a new campaign when you post in the future. 
  • No Social Media Passwords Needed.
  • Real Marketing Through Like/Follow/View/Share Exchange Channels.
  • Please note: These users are Real & Active, so we cannot control if they unretweet your post later on, however our case studies show a very low drop rate as long as the post is not controversial. Since all Twitter Profiles show publicly what the twitter user has liked and retweeted, some users will usually unlike/unretweet if the post is controversial. Posts such as positive quotes, health tips and helpful info usually never have drops. It all depends on the type of post. 
  • We are currently working on a way to decrease the prices for Twitter and make it more affordable. We do not like to over price our services. We prefer a volume approach and we won't sell low quality or fake users. Twitter currently is extremely limited and all the like for like and follow for follow exchange channels for Twitter are filled up and there are not as many users on Twitter as there are on Instagram or Facebook for example so the supply is low and demand is high. In order to get the best quality users, we place the highest bids on these campaigns to get you in front of the line. We are working actively to drop the prices while still maintaining Real Quality Marketing Standards. Thank you.

How is it Real Marketing?

Social Media has grown tremendously over the past 10 years as we all know. When #hashtags were introduced, it changed the whole ball game and allowed users who posted trendy content to gain real social traction and monetize that social fame.

Due to hashtags, in the past few years many sites called social share exchange sites started popping up. Today, there are over 10,000 Websites online where you can play whats called "like for like" or "follow for follow" and there are over 5 Million People on Average actively playing this online 24/7 sharing follows, likes, views etc.

What this means is users are liking your posts, and earning credits to cash in for likes on their own post. These are for users who want Free Likes and have the time to play like 4 like for a few hours each day and dont mind sharing their login information.

With iSocialFame, our team of developers have developed a system to where you don't need to play like 4 like, and spend hours every day and we don't need your passwords. You submit your profile/post to us and our system will send your post/profile through these "like for like" and "follow for follow" exchange channels and let us and our smart systems do all the work for you.

No Technical Skills are required. The only technical aspect is entering your username or link and if you need help with finding your link/username, we have 24/7 Customer Support via Text Message and Email & we reply VERY FAST!

    How To Get Started:

    • Enter Your Twitter @username in the text box above.
    • Add To Cart and Complete Checkout.
    • Within minutes you will receive an alert that your auto account has been setup. First time profiles take a few more minutes to scan to get up to date with current posts.
    • Each time you post, our system will send you an email alert that the campaign has started.

    No need to put your real name, you can put any name or just put Private.
    Please enter your real email so you get the code in your email. Your email is not visible publicly. All types of reviews welcome, good or bad so that we can perfect our services. Thanks!

    iSocialFame Discount Coupon

    Write a Review below to get a MEGA BONUS Coupon Code in your email. If you face any issues at all please email [email protected] or text us at +1 (347) 391-3998 - we are available 24/7 and we will take care of it right away. Thanks!

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