How to organically grow your Instagram the right way using Instagram Auto Packages

Joey B

Everyone knows how important it is to have that "verified" symbol on their Instagram. In order to get verified, one of the key steps is getting quality post engagement.

To grow your Instagram efficiently, you have to have quality posts, and use the right hashtags. In order to gain real momentum, you have to rank on Instagram's Top Posts section for your target hash tags.

At iSocialFame, we figured out a way to get our clients Real Instagram Likes from like for like channels, which abide by the Terms of Service of Instagram since they are real people clicking like on your photo, and this helps you rank SUPER high on Instagram news feeds/ stories / hashtag feeds.

Our team of developers figured out a way to send your posts and profile through these like for like and follow for follow channels. Our service is unlike any other service on the market, we don't sell fake profiles or fake likes. We do our best to make sure your posts are getting genuine real worldwide likes. If you face any issues with your campaigns contact us right away and we will solve the issue immediately. 

We recently launched a new feature to also split up your campaigns and spread them out over time, both for single campaign orders and for Auto Future Post Campaigns. You can split your total quantity of Target Likes/Followers/Views/Saves over a period of time. You can split it throughout the hour, throughout the day, throughout the week, whatever your campaign requires. You can manage your split campaign settings on itrack.isocialfame.com

Instagram Auto Packages help streamline your marketing needs. Instagram's algorithm will notice that when you post, your posts are ranking high, and you are gaining followers and your average likes count is increasing. When they see this pattern of real growth while you post, where real followers/likes/views/saves are coming and your posts are ranking high on Instagram, this REALLY helps your profiles chances of getting verified and getting many other perks. This can lead to endorsement deals / increased business sales / you name it. Social Proof is important today and we want to help you get ahead!

Currently we have 4 Auto Packages for Instagram:

  1. Instagram Auto Likes - Likes for your future posts 
  2. Instagram Auto Views - Views for your future posts
  3. Instagram Auto Followers - Campaign for followers will start when you post
  4. Instagram Auto Saves - Your post will be sent through save for save exchange channels for your future post.



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