How to get your tweets retweeted

Alex J

  • Before you post a tweet, ask yourself if there is a way to make the tweet more concise.
  • Try to keep your tweets under 120 character to leave room for the username who's re-tweeting you and any comments they may want to add. Ex: Instead of using " attempted " perhaps use " tried " to help shorten tweets.
  • Ask questions and opinions in your tweets. Use words like " why" " what " " who" and " how "
  • Do your best to avoid abstract titles. If users are not intrigued by the title, then they won't open the link and in turn, won't share your content. 
  • Tell your audience what to expect. For instance, sports writers will hint at what the article is about in the title but they won't reveal many details. 
  • Though many overlook this aspect, be sure to update your bio on social media. This gives your audience a first-hand look at what your blogs/channels are about.
  • Always use proper grammar. Don't rely so heavily on spellcheck either ( yes, they fix incorrect spelling but don't check the semantics of your sentences. ) 

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