How to get more Instagram post likes

Brittany P


Every second of the day, businesses are racing to figure out how to expand their reach on social media by getting massive amounts of Instagram likes.  They understand that the value of their Instagram account is not only measured by the number of followers they have, but by the amount of likes generated per post.   

And they know that a high number of Instagram likes per post is good for their business as well as customer confidence. 

Having a high number of likes per post conveys that your content is fresh, appealing, and targeting Instagram users in a positive way.  What most people don’t know is that you don’t have to have a well-established Instagram profile and tons of followers to get more Instagram likes.  Use these 10 simple guidelines and see your post likes soar. 

  1. Partner with an Influencer 
  2. Run a giveaway 
  3. Tag influential accounts 
  4. Repost customer content 
  5. Post high-quality photos daily photos that are crisp and clear 
  6. Revolve your ingredients – lifestyle, products, scenery/brand vibe, and other peoples content 
  7. Use local and applicable hashtags 
  8. Post at high-traffic times 
  9. Post consistently  
  10. Use iSocialFame’s real Instagram post likes to get real post likes delivered right to your profile immediately! 

Everyone needs a boost to get ranked high on newsfeeds and Explorer. Many businesses often utilize like generators / boosters to ramp up newsfeed post ranking.  iSocialFame helps increase the visibility of your business or personal account, and is the perfect tool to get you lightning-fast likes immediately. 

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