How to Get More Instagram Live Viewers to Watch Your Live Videos

Brittany P

Instagram live was brought to us in November of 2016 and has been a great tool for grammers to reach their base with quick, real-time loops that provide an on-the-spot feature for businesses and individuals.   Live videos are perfect for quick announcements, special promotions, and exciting tidbits to keep people waiting for your next one.   

Utilizing live videos are a great way to crack Instagram’s relentless algorithm and to get you to the forefront of your audience’s feed.  Live videos ship your content to the very front of everyone’s stories, and Instagram rewards users that use its live video feature along with stories and regular posts.  And the more people watching your videos, the more likely the rest of your content will be seen by your follower base. 

To get more Instagram users to watch your live videos, it is helpful to do a few things that maintain consistency. 

1. Stick to a Schedule 

Users love consistency.  Even if you have a slow start, maintain a consistent live video schedule and you’ll see your Instagram live viewer numbers start climbing. 

2. Special Offers 

Entice your audience to watch your live videos for special offers, discounts, and giveaways.  Everyone loves free goodies – use live videos to boost your numbers and create some thrill. 

3. Set up a Script 

The scary thing about live videos is that you can’t try countless times to snap that perfect angle – it can be a bit disconcerting for those who can be a little timid on camera.  Instead, set up a script, rehearse, and feel more comfortable by sticking to it. 

4. Use iSocialFame To Boost Instagram Live Video Views 

If you want more viewers right away, use iSocialFame’s Live Video View booster to get real views delivered right to you. 

iSocialFame can give you an uptick in your live video views right away, and help you seamlessly work up your rank on Instagram.  



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