How To Get Facebook Page Likes Fast

Brittany P

Approximately 50 million small businesses use Facebook as their prime marketing tool to engage customers and promote their brand.  Gaining new Facebook page likes can seem like a time-consuming, daunting task, but there are ways to get new Facebook page likes from real, interested customers without breaking the bank. 

A large, steady audience on social media is key for the sustainability of many businesses.  Read our helpful tips for boosting your Facebook page likes and gaining the confidence of would-be patrons with your impressive reach. 


Use relevant, exciting images and content that entices your would-be audience, making them want to see more.  Stunning imagery, no matter what business you’re in, can help to improve your reach and will promote growth. 

Facebook Plug-In: 

Use Facebook’s page plug-in on your website or blog to point to your Facebook business page.  Getting likes from your website will ensure a steady following long after the user has left your site. 


Engage with other users using your business page.  When using your personal profile, invite your friend list to like your page, and encourage other friends to do the same.  Ask colleagues and patrons to share your page as well. 

Use iSocialFame’s Like Tool: 

Get real, lightning-fast Facebook likes using iSocialFame’s business/fan page like tool.  Supplement your growing audience easily by building up your numbers quickly, as well as control the rate of your incoming followers. 

Using like-boosting tactics above as well as iSocialFame’s Facebook Like services will get you on your way to highly increased visibility and will make you a great competitor in the growing digital media world.  Use iSocialFame to get Facebook page likes now! 



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