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Here are some FREE GOLDEN TIPS on how to get your Instagram Account Verified FAST!

Once your Instagram profile gains enough traction, Instagram will give you the option to upload Identification to get your verified stamp. To check if you may already be eligible for a verified stamp, go to your Instagram Settings and look for the button called "Request Verification" - below is a screenshot taken from one of our social media accounts: 

How to Get Verified on Instagram


Instagram is a playground for both individuals and industry‚ÄĒ71%¬†of businesses use Instagram for marketing¬†and legitimacy purposes.¬† Many of these businesses and individuals¬†are on the hunt for verified stamps, also known as¬†those little blue checks¬†alongside¬†names that give¬†you¬†an extra boost of validity.¬† When you‚Äôre Instagram verified, this means that your account is legitimate and impersonators¬†don‚Äôt have a¬†chance of stealing your clout.¬†

An Instagram verified stamp offers instant credibility and ensures that followers are scrolling through the right people’s feeds.  So what can increase the chances of your personal or business account being verified on Instagram? 


Instagram Post Likes 

Instagram Post likes are the bread and butter of every Instagram Profile’s foundation. If you have a high number of Instagram Post Likes, Instagram will take this into account on their measurements for verification.   

Instagram Video Views 

Posting videos are a good way to up the Instagram ante in a number of ways (i.e. achieving more followers and higher chances of getting noticed), and high video views play into higher chances of being verified on Instagram. It is important to have many more views than you do likes on your post. If you have more likes than views, this will hurt your chances because that means the likes are not authentic. If the likes are real, they will count as views as well. We provide Real Instagram Post Likes. 

You can use our easy to use Instagram Post Likes service where users from like for like channels like your post, there for you will get many more views then you will get likes. We send your post to a large audience. For example, if you buy 100 Instagram Post Likes, we will at least target over 1,000 people to view your post, in hopes that 10% or more will like it. There for, you will always have many more views than likes, which is what Instagram looks for. 

Instagram Impressions 

Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it is¬†‚Äúliked‚Ä̬†or not.¬† A certain number of impressions means your content has come across someone else‚Äôs eyes¬†that many times.¬† The higher your number of impressions means higher visibility, and higher visibility means higher chances for verification.¬†With our Instagram Post Likes service, every like comes with Impressions and Views. We advice the use of hashtags in your post that pertain to your target audience, so that our Viral Hashtag Marketing service can help your post rank very high on Instagram Explorer and other Hashtag Feeds.

Instagram Profile Visits 

Is your profile interesting?  Are people stopping by to swipe through your personal feed, maybe checking your latest and greatest posts?  The more profile visits you have, the more verifiable your profile becomes. 

Instagram Post Saves 

If you have stimulating images, artful content, or helpful information, chances are your posts will get saved every so often.  If your posts are on the high end of getting saved, this raises a red flag (in a good way) for Instagram to review your account for a shiny blue stamp. We can help you get more Instagram Post Saves.

Instagram Story Views‚ÄďBig Boost in Chances!¬†

Instagram stories are the future for grammers, and utilizing Instagram Stories that keep people interested and coming back for more is a winning formula.  If you have a higher than average number of Instagram Story Views, you’ve got a good chance to be Instagram verified. 

Instagram Live‚ÄĒBig Boost in Chances!¬†

Going live on Instagram can feel a bit scary and impromptu, but if you want to be verified, you’d better get used to taking advantage of one of Instagram’s newest features.  Keep your audience in high numbers and glued to their screens and you’ll be sitting pretty with a blue badge. Use our Instagram LIVE Viewers service to get more Viewers.


iSocialFame provides Real Instagram Post Likes, Real Instagram Video Views, Instagram Post Saves, Instagram LIVE Viewers, Instagram Story Views, with lightning-fast delivery.  With our unique like 4 like exchange channels, every like users buy receive views along with it, and it is normal to have some users save or comment on posts as well, helping to grow your rankings with maximum efficiency.   


If you have any other questions, our support staff has been trained to answer all your questions and also guide you where ever you need guidance, and help you grow your social media profiles. 

You can contact us via email and you can ALSO text message us!

Our support email is support@isocialfame.com and our SMS Support Number is +1 (347) 391-3998 

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